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Workers' Comp

For Many years my main practice was georgia's workman's Comp ,compiling 1000K of cases and being familiar  with every law,that has come out since 1980 

Every state has its own system, and georgia's can be very complex, I will also take cases even after benfits have started to make sure that they do not lapse untill you are well.

We are licensed in tennessee and georgia

Auto & Truck Accidents

I'm Selective about the Truck and auto accidents that I take, Since I give personal attention and time to each case.

You should always seek legal counsel as soon as possible , so the right envdence gets documented ,and help direct you with your medical treatments for best results...

No Charge unless we collect

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall cases , you need to seek and attorney soon after your accident,

so any evidence and facts can be gathered to help win your case!!

just becuase you slip or fall in a store, building ,or parking lot, does not mean you will automactic win your case,you need to show negligence on the owner's part. 

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