Workers' Comp Law

Many tennessee attorneys will not look at these cases, however! I will meet and evauate your case free of charge and often i'm able to recover benifits for a ligament injury.

So few attorneys will take workeman's comp cases becuase tennessee has a set system to file a claim, however they won't help you try your claim which makes it most likley that you end up losing.

No charge for intial consultation and no fee unless we collect..

Disability Insurance Law

I have staff that can help you ,but if you hire me, I will meet you in person to form a plan, that will help win your case

Auto & Truck Accident Law

Never sign a release!! Your siging your rights away

No fee unless we collect

We will come to you if you need us too!

Social Security Law

Most cases get denied on the first try, you need a lawyer to help you get in front of the judge..

No fee unless we collect!!

intial consultation is free....

Robert A. Wharton Jr.

Although we specialize in Workers' Compensation Claims, we commonly practice in multiple areas of law. If you need help filing your claims, don't put it off. Let us assist you with your legal needs. We will help you get the settlement and compensation you deserve.   

 Licensed in Tennessee and Georgia 


Robert Wharton Jr has an ABJ & JD from The University of Georgia.  He has served a member of the Executive's Committee from 1992-2005, the Georgia Workers' Compensation Claimant's Lawyers, Chairman of Workers' Compensation Advisory Committee from 1987-2005, and the Georgia State Bar Association, Workers' Compensation Section, 2000-2004.

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